Family Curse

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Even though we live in a modern world that seems to function on other principles, we often hear about things like magic, curses, karma... It is about things that it’s little bit hard to be explained with the common logic, but it seems that they really exist on some way...Patricia and William are sister and brother who decided to put an end of the curse that follows their family. Namely, 100 years ago, their grand grandfather had hidden few valuable objects and golden coins. He found those objects while he was climbing mountains and from that moment until now, the whole family experiences only bad moments. Patricia and William strongly believe that the found objects and the golden coins are responsible for everything that is happening. They like to find the objects and to give them as a present to the local museum.This will be a very interesting search despite the fact that we are looking for those objects to put stop to this terrible curse. Let’s start searching and see if those objects are the real reason for the bad luck that follows this family for so many years.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Mystery



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