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It is better and more relevant to appreciate the work of some company according to their real success. Unfortunately, criminal can take part of the work of the great and supposedly successful companies. Suspicious transactions, illegal money, avoiding to pay taxes, criminals and other similar factors can be part of the work of some company. Detective Justin works on a case about a criminal in one big company. There are certain pieces of evidence that lead to that but it is not sure exactly what is going on there, so Justin decides to come in the company with a warrant and search the whole place. He needs to find hidden documents that will use him as a proof for the criminal in the company. Let\'s see what is hidden in the big company. Let\'s search the whole place and help Detective Justin find certain evidence that will prove all the claims. We suppose that all the evidence will be well hidden, but that\'s not matter since it is very important to us to do our best. Now it\'s time to start and find our what is hidden there.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Mystery



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