Mythical Journey

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The items we have inherited from our ancestors can sometimes be really valuable. We are not always talking about material wealth. Sometimes we are talking about objects that mean a lot to us, precisely because they bear witness to things that happened to our ancestors. That way we learn things about our past, things about a time that has passed, but also things about what was important to our ancestors.In Evelyn\'s case, it is about real wealth, and it is not mentioned in a positive context. Namely, Evelyn is looking for the family treasure that was stolen from her home a few days ago. She doesn\'t know who stole it, but she suspects the Suma magical creatures are to blame. Evelyn is willing to do anything to get the family fortune back, so she\'s currently going deep into their territory in search of the treasure. Her mission is big and serious, so she needs our help. Let\'s see what happens in the forest and find out who is responsible for stealing the treasure.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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