Unusual Adventure

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Are you prepared to try something you haven\'t done before? Let\'s see what is Christina up to.Christina likes to try new things, but this is not something she has ever done before. We are talking about flying in a hot-air balloon. It is a definitely very attractive activity. You are high in the sky, the fresh air is blowing in your face, you have a chance to observe nature from above, and everything is very vivid and very beautiful up there. Well, Christina is about to experience all of that today. She comes to the place where hot-air balloons are taking off, ready for her new, unusual adventure. As we said, this is her first experience like this, so she has to prepare well before she does anything. Let\'s find out something more about flying on a hot-air balloon and see what will happen there. Maybe this game will be an inspiration for you too, to try something new and unusual. Expanding your horizons is something that everyone needs, regardless of their age and lifestyle, so why not start with something like this?

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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