Guardian of the Dead

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Maybe the process of initiation is usually related to the myths and the stories, a way of maturing of the hero but on the other hand initiation is something that has experienced each one of us. Perhaps we don\'t face mythical creatures or we don\'t fight with the evil witch but it is for sure that most of us had that turning point in life, a moment when we started seeing things in a different way. Usually we start feeling calmer in that point, wiser, more mature... and the price for that can be just spiritual but sometimes even material...Dorothy is also in a situation when she has to prove something. She has proven to herself that she has a certain talent that only few other people around the world have and decided to dedicate to that special talent by choosing to become an exorcist. But however, in order to get to another level, she has to prove to the guardian of the dead that she is the right person.Namely, Dorothy is at the city graveyard at the moment, where is hidden the Book of the death. This book hides the secret for expelling the demons from the possessed man. But here she is met by Joshua, the guard of the graveyard, who won\'t let her find the book, unless she proves him that she is the right person for this.

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