The Unseen World

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Everyone wants to find things for the first time. Imagine you have the chance to get to some place for the first time? How special you would feel and act? Imagine putting your leg on a place that no one has ever been, or touching some material no one else has touched. Human beings love to be the first in something, to be original and exclusive, either with the looks, with the style, with something you do or simply say. Otherwise, we would all be the same, like clones.People who are the best in wanting the unusual things, they are the adventurers. They love to go where others are actually scared. Jennifer and Robert are father and daughter. They are big adventurers and they have their own team and they go together everywhere there is something new to discover. Exploring one day they discover the secret location of one kingdom of unknown civilization.Jennifer and Robert are weight too excited and they hardy wait to start exploring this world that no one has ever touched. Now, it\'s up to you to help these father and daughter be happy together and discover something new.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Adventure



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