Dangerous Adventure

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The family of the two sisters, Helen and Amy, is about to lose their family house and the whole property. It is a difficult period for the family, even for the two girls who worry a lot about their home and their parents. Even though they are still young, the two sisters are looking for a way how can they help their parents. The two girls feel a responsibility that they should find money, and save their home, doing whatever it takes. They get on a very dangerous adventure, just to get that money. Namely, Helen and Ana decide to visit the island of the pirates. They will go there at late hours, hoping that no one will notice them at that time, with a plan to steal a part of their treasure. The two girls don\'t feel guilty because they know that this treasure actually belongs to regular people. The pirates have been stealing this treasure from them for many years. Let\'s see how well will Nancy and Ana deal with their visit to the pirate\'s island. The two girls are prepared but might need some help in this serious situation.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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