Village Of The Shadows

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Grandma Carol lives in a village. It\'s a very beautiful place, surrounded by beautiful nature and before a certain period of time, it was inhabited with many people. However, something happened that changed the way of functioning of the village. All the people who lived there, left the village and the reason for that is very serious. Namely, at the moment , grandma Carol is the only citizen of the village because everyone who lived there left the place in the moment when the village was inhabited by scary ghosts, the people became so scared that everyone left! Grandma Carol doesn\'t like to leave. She loves her home so much that she is prepared to do everything to save the village. Matthew and Amanda come to the village, willing to help the old lady deal with the ghosts. They will do their best to bring the village back as it was before, so everyone can come back home. Let\'s help them solve this strange situation and set the village free from the uninvited guests who like to become residents there.

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