Home for Christmas

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People are sometimes urged to leave their homes and more to some other place. The reasons for that are numerous. Some people like to live to certain more urban place or completely the opposite, some quieter place. Often people move because of their work or their education and so on. Moving from one place to another is nice but it could also be rather hard, having in mind that it is not always that easy to get new habits and get used to the new circumstances. That\'s why some people keep their hearts on the certain place where they were living before, usually when their life there was somehow better. Or sometimes the close people are the ones that make certain place feel like home so coming back to that place is always a great pleasure.In Nancy\'s case, it her career the reason that has made her leave her birth place and move far away from her friends. In her place, she simply didn\'t have a chance to improve as a professional so moving was the only right choice if she wanted to have a good career. After few years spend away from home, Nancy manages to visit her birth place for the first time.Even though it wasn\'t that far, it still looks strange for her so she likes to spend some more time with her relatives, remembering the moments spend at home. Nancy starts taking a tour through the places that once were very dear to her...

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