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Are you ready to do some team work? Nothing brings a team together like a fun shared experience that can be talked about for days or weeks following an event. Well, this is not quite a usual team building, but a time-driven event that will compel a team to work together. It\'s moving office day! Relocating presents an opportunity for a fresh start.Kevin and Amanda are heads of a company that will soon have to move out of their old offices and go to completely new offices. Moving the offices an exciting, progressive time; and they feel it should be treated in such a way! They decided to split the excitement with the other colleagues and acquire their help to assist them with the planning and moving itself as the easiest way to avoid the stresses and strains of relocating.They also have a group that could use some new energy and collaboration. For that purpose, they gave each team member a task of organizing the packaging of the objects. This will be a great motivation of their team and a fun team building for the company.

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