Sworn to Silence

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The chefs of the mafia are usually very intelligent people that despite their work on criminal stuff, they are very capable managers, since they manage with so many people. The mafia is perhaps the most organized \'institution\' because they work on so many fields and usually it is very hard to catch them.And when it is about the mafia\'s chef, there are always few assistants that are really committed to them and are willing to do everything in order to protect them and be their right hand. Karen and Thomas are two detectives that work for a long time on one particular case. It is about the arresting of the famous chef of the mafia, George.Few days ago in their police station was arrested Steven, his best assistant, but the thing is that Steven is sworn to silence. That means that the police can\'t get any information from him. The detectives Karen and Steven decide that it is best to search around Steven\'s apartment and find the key evidences that will help them arrest the famous chef of the mafia.

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