The City of Dusk

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The great criminals plan their acts very carefully, taking into account all the circumstances that appear at the time of their crime. And while some robbers do their act just like that, instantly, without taking care if someone sees them, running away constantly once they\'ve done something, other robbers don\'t like to leave even a tiny clue after them. They hide themselves carefully and do their crimes when no one sees them, sometimes waiting even for years to get that perfect moment.Gramouth is a city known as the city of dusk. The city has this name and it is famous around because of that special dusk that on this spot of the planet lasts for few days. Just imagine, few days in this dark city. It seems like everyone is resting during that period, but someone has used this state to make a huge robbery of precious diamonds. And of course, because of the dark, no one has realized that there was a robbery, or who was the one that did it.Now it is time to find out the robber, so Katherine and Alexander are two detectives that arrive in the city of dusk together with their team. They have to explore the whole place and find some clues that will lead them to the criminals.

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