Fear Hunters

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Different people have different passion and different interests,that is for sure, but some people have little bit strange interests. Or let\'s not judge so hard because we all have our own motives and beliefs that lead us through our lives.But have you ever heard about fear hunters? Namely,Maria and Nathan are the most famous fear hunters in country. They have decided to do this job because years ago, they also had big fears, fears so big that ruled over their lives. Now they generally feel better and don\'t let the fears interfere in their lives.However, Maria still has one more fear from her childhood that needs to be beaten. There is still one place that makes her upset, even when she thinks about it, and just imagine what could happen if she goes there.... Well Maria was always afraid from the house located at the end of the city, but she didn\'t have any courage to face that fear and enter into the house until today. Today Maria will enter into the house and finally she will feel free.

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