Witch Ritual

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Witchcraft is the practice of magical skills and abilities. That involves doing certain witch rituals that don\'t have to be evil all the times. There are also good witches that use their supposed supernatural powers to control people or events, involving sorcery or magic, but directed to positive things.We don\'t know for sure if the witch Fortuna and her assistant, the elf Torin, are good or bad but they are definitely into those things. Between the other things they do is the ritual that they always do exactly on midnight, every year for Halloween. This ritual is their tradition but this time they have invited the local citizens who appreciate this holiday, to take part and help them around the ritual. They arrive at the place where they traditionally perform their ritual and it is time to start the whole procedure.Maybe you haven\'t taken part in something similar to this ritual but that doesn\'t mean that you can\'t help in it. This way you will have an overview of what happens during a real witch ritual and you may find it interesting as well.

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