Halloween Moon

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Halloween mood can be felt everywhere, having in mind that those pumpkins are appearing around us on every stem, including all the others decorations that bring that special spirit. And many of us are thinking or have already prepared their costumes for this year, so it will be very interesting Halloween as always.Jennifer, Susan and Sarah are three friends who have decided that this Halloween they will visit the so-called House of the monster. It is about an old abandoned house in their city with many stories and mysteries related to it. The mystery about this house lies in the fact that every year on Halloween someone leaves presents in the house. No one knows who leaves those presents but only the bravest decide to enter into the scary house and they are the ones who actually get those presents.Let’s see if we will get scared while trying to reveal the truth about this Halloween mystery. Maybe it’s about something completely naïve, but maybe its something more serious and scarier…

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