Coast of the Damned

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Being a captain of a big ship must be something very interesting. Just imagine that most of the time you spend in water, fighting with the depths and waves. And it’s not just the water. Every ship has its own destination so you also visit numerous places all around the world. But sometimes things might not be as we imagine. And we are not talking about bad weather, storms and winds, but about something else…Robert loves sailing and he is the captain of a ship that has lost its way through the misty fog. He knows his job really good but he could not do much in those circumstances and this fog that was really bad. The only thing he and his crew could see was a dim light coming from a lighthouse on an abandoned island. It seems that the only solution for this situation is going to this island.Not knowing what to do, Robert and his crew arrived at the island with the hope of finding someone there. However, the island did not answer to their expectations. There was no one on the island and the fog never disappeared…

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