The Darkest Corner

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When it comes to death, most of the people are extremely scared and terrified and they don\'t want to think or discuss about it. However, on the other side there are professionals who face death every day. We think about the doctors, the people that work as pathologists, detectives, policemen, and so on. Those experts take death differently. The emotions are still here but their main job is to save lives or that is not possible, to search for the reasons why this death happen or how it happens.Laura and Jason are definitely two very brave persons. Their curiosity takes them to the famous house of fear where something terrible happened one week ago, something that keeps everyone away from this house. Namely, one week ago a whole family has died in this house on a mysterious way.Everything related to their death is somehow strange, so Laura and Jason like to find out what really happened with the family. If you are prepared to take a look at the darkest corner, let\'s help those two find out what happened to the family that lived in the house.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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