Dark Water Shadows

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Peter often takes a walk through one of the most mysterious bays on the south sea. Few times before, he has noticed certain paranormal appearing under the surface of the water. He could see something but he could not believe his own eyes. That is the reason why he has decided to dive deep under the sea and see what is going on there.And diving like diving, you could not know what to expect there in this territory which is definitely not yours. We can\'t predict everything here but under the sea, the unexpected takes other limits...like meeting a woman-frog... Yes, Peter met a woman-frog that wanted to keep him captured in her city. Peter is prepared to do whatever it takes, everything that she wishes, just to be free again and away from this dark place. No matter how romantic it sounds to stay in the depth of the water with a mysterious woman, a woman-frog is definitely something he didn\'t expect.Let\'s help Peter escape the shadows of the dark water and be home again, away from the frog-woman.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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