Smugglers route

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Smugglers often have their own routes that help them make easier the process of smuggling. They feel safer when the objects they smuggle travel through certain places where they know that the police don\'t pass often or they have someone that helps them transfer their goods from one place to another. However, even though it can be hard sometimes and it takes even many years, usually the authorities manage to find these routes and determine the process of smuggling. Detective Mark is on a mission to discover some drug smugglers. He has been following the routes of a certain group of smugglers for a few weeks already and he hopes that today he will finally come to the needed pieces of evidence. He needs those evidence because it will help him arrest the wanted smugglers. We will try to work parallelly with detective Mark and see if we can help him finish his task successfully. This mission is very serious, but together we will do our best, hoping that we will put an end to this smuggler\'s route.

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