Mysterious Cottage

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Amanda was walking in the woods together with her dog. That is something that she does often because she likes a good walk and she loves the fresh air in the woods. Amanda has walked through the woods many times, but it seems that it is hard to know this place that well. While she was taking a walk together with her dog, somehow the dog got lost. Amanda started looking for it and she realized that she actually doesn\'t know the forest that well. All of a sudden she noticed a mysterious cottage hidden in the dense woods, something she hasn\'t seen before. She was surprised by her discovery, but she was surprised even more when she realized that the house is unlocked and it seems that someone lives there. She felt like the girl with golden hair in the house of the three bears. Who could possibly live that far in the woods? Amanda starts investigating the mysterious cottage, looking for her lost dog, but also looking for some answers, who lives there? Let\'s check out this cottage together and reveal the mystery about the cottage in the woods.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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