Hidden Gold Mine

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Evelyn and Roger know that somewhere in the mountain Mentawa, there is a secret gold mine. They have searched about this mine a lot and they have discovered that more then 50 years ago, few mine diggers have discovered the gold mine and kept it a secret on purpose.It is somehow logic since they didn\'t want anyone to find out that there is so much gold in this mine. However, Evelyn and Roger\'s search, together with their persistence, made them find out so many things about the mine. That\'s why they felt so secure, to come here in the mountain and start searching for the gold.Today is the day when Evelyn and Roger arrive in the mountain Mentawa. They are sure and they strongly believe that they will find the secret gold mine. Let\'s search together with them and help them find the gold. This will be a rather unique journey, so let\'s start searching right away and make sure that the story about those mine diggers who found so much gold is true. We believe that they you haven\'t visited this mountain before, so let\'s explore it together.

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