Gold Searchers

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The three cowboys William, Linda, and Robert are gold seekers. Yes, they search for gold but there is one thing that makes them different from the other gold searchers. Usually, the gold seekers focus on the mountains or the rivers but our team acts like Robin Hood somehow.Namely, those three cowboys look for the gold that has been stolen from the honest people. We all know that this gold doesn’t belong to the thieves so they like to bring justice to the honest people.William, Linda, and Robert visit the places where are hidden the local gangs who steal the gold. The three cowboys like to take them away, the gold that has been acquired unjustly. Their mission might be a bit dangerous but their will is bigger than that.They are ready to go all way long, to find the gold that belongs to the innocent people, the people who earn it with their sweat and huge efforts. Let’s see what will happen in these cowboys’ adventure and take part in it by helping the three cowboys finish their brave mission.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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