Grandmas Wonderland

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Little Ruth loves to come to her grandmother\'s place. They don\'t live that close to each other, so she doesn\'t visit the place very often but she loves to spend her time there because she feels like her grandmother\'s property is very magical. There is something about that place that makes Ruth believe that she is in Wonderland, that\'s what she tells to her grandmother. Today little Ruth will visit her grandmother again. Last year, when Ruth was here, she brought a few dolls so she can play with them while she is here. This year, she planned to play with the dolls like the last year, but she can\'t find them. She can\'t remember where did she place them, but her grandmother can\'t remember that as well. The two of them are wandering around the property, looking for the lost dolls and it sure looks like they could use some help, right? Let\'s help little Ruth and her grandmother find the dolls that are lost in grandma\'s Wonderland. Explore the wonderful place and see if you will feel the magic that surrounds grandma\'s property.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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