Chilling Experience

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Old Joshua is facing serious threats, with serious problems that rarely anyone has been in a situation to face. Namely, Joshua, it can be freely said, was expelled from his home, Yes, expelled, but he is not an ordinary refugee who is a victim of some war or migrates in search of a better life. His house is full of ghosts and that\'s why he can\'t come home! This might be a terrible situation for each of us, but not for Sarah, who faces such situations often. Namely, Sarah has a special skill and a lot of experience in communicating with ghosts. She decided to help this man who desperately wants to return to his home, to get his personal belongings. Let\'s see what can we expect in the house, together with Sarah and old Joshua. Will we find ghosts or maybe they decided to leave the house and Joshua alone? The probability of this is rather small, so be prepared to face them in this frightening adventure. We are sure that Sarah will be able to face them, but it is good that we will help her, right?

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