Collector of Old Items

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Kenneth is a passionate collector of old objects. Some people simply like to get rid of everything that is old, thinking that it is simply old-fashioned, but there are people, like Kenneth, who believe that the old items are even more valuable than the new ones.It is about the heritage that every old object has in itself, the story about that item that comes from the information when was that the item used and by whom, or where was that item used. Different objects come from different sides of the world and they belonged to different people, so their ‘life’ was different…All of that gives a certain value to the old items, bigger than the simply material value of the new ones. Kenneth uses every chance to find some old and valuable object so he is a regular visitor to every auction or garage sale where old objects are sold.Today, he comes to Donna’s place. Donna has organized a garage sale at her house where she sells old items. Kenneth is here, hoping that he will find some good old valuable collection.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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