Office Rush

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Young office assistant Maria works in a new company for three days already. Her new job is very interesting and she is working it with a lot of love and enthusiasm. At this moment Maria has a strong deadline to finish her today\'s responsibilities. But her chief is actually putting her on a test. Besides the regular work and the everyday responsibilities, she gets a responsibility plus - to find few objects. The chief needs those objects, but she will have find them and give it to him. Besides the objects, Maria will have to answer some riddles as well. His intention is to check out the levels of her focus and concentration, how will she manage to work multiple tasks when she has such a strong deadline.. Now you see in which situation is Maria. She loves her new job and she likes to show herself in her best light. And since she works there for just three days, she likes to prove that she capable of doing this kob without any problem. Let\'s help Maria solve the riddles and find all those objects so she can impress her chief.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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