School Investigation

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There was something unexpected that happened in the high school. Namely, the professors have realized that there has been a thief in the school. The two professors Sharon and Gary decided to take the responsibility into their own hands, to act like real detectives, and finally, to find the thief together with their colleagues.They will search all around the school, looking for some pieces of evidence that will help them find out the truth behind this unexpected happening. However, they don\'t think that it is time to go public with the case, they don\'t like any publicity about it, and that\'s why they didn\'t call the police.The reason for that is that they don\'t like their school to lose its reputation, which is very important for the future of one institution of this kind. The professors believe that they will manage to solve the situation quietly, so everyone could feel safe in the school.Let\'s help the professors find out who is it about. It might be someone from them, or a student, or someone that is not a part of that high school. We are about to see what is happening there.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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