The Unsolved Murder

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Every real professional likes to finish his job with perfection to be satisfied with what he/she has done. Some professionals are even obsessed with their work and they can\'t settle down until they have something to be proud of, no matter if it\'s about a service, product, or work of art. It\'s not just to be paid for the work, but that work to be completed by all standards and requirements. It\'s the same with Kayla who is a detective that can\'t accept the fact that the murder that happened in her neighborhood is still not solved and the murderer is still free. She thinks about the case all the time, measuring the pieces of evidence that she has trying to relate things, just to get to the one who is responsible for the crime. The murder affects her so much that she decides even to break-in in the place of the crime scene. Kayla wants to search the whole house in detail once again, to discover the identity of the murderer.We could also work like real detectives and help Kayla in her search.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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