The Place of Truth

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Writers are usually adventurers. Most of the times they get inspiration for their works from something they experience during the day. It doesn\'t have to be the complete situation. Sometimes it is enough to get only that special impulse needed for inspiration and after that, they are able to make even a whole novel.Sometimes the inspiration lies in some particular character they met, sometimes the nature could make them feel special, while other times they get their inspiration from not so pleasant things and feelings in and around them like sadness, jealousy, even someone\'s death. Writers also use to go on some exotic or strange places to get their inspiration. That\'s why maybe people didn\'t suspect anything when the writer Anthony disappeared. However, after few weeks he is a police case of a missing person. Edward is close friend to Anthony and he really cares about him.He is rather concerned for his disappearance and because everything lasts so long, he decides toi do something on his own. Edward is at the moment in the home of his friend, with intention to find something that will help him discover where is his friend Anthony.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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