Tailors assistant

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Maria loves fashion. Not just that she likes to look fashionable, she takes fashion very seriously and she likes to build a career in this field. That’s why she became very happy when she found out that she will be the new assistant of the famous fashion designer Anthony. She is very excited that she will get experience working and learning from him. Today is Maria’s first day at work. She has few responsibilities that need to be done before Anthony comes in his studio. She likes to finish everything on time and to make everything perfect, so she could leave good impression on her boss. The responsibilities are not hard for her it’s very important to finish them as good as possible. Maria knows her job perfectly but maybe she is little bit nervous because it’s her first day of work, so let’s help her finish her tasks on time. We will find out how does tailor’s assistant’s day look like and have the chance to learn from the best, having in mind that Maria works for a very eminent fashion designer and tailor.

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