Farmers in Need

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There are people who have and work on farms without any problem, even though some of them lead the farm simply alone. But we can’t ignore the fact that this work is actually very hard, having in mind that multitasking is something that every farmer practice during his active years of work. Every day, they have to wake up in a concrete period of time, because the animals have their own biorhythm, sometimes different from the ours.They have to feed the animals, clean up the space where they live, take them on a walk, take care if every animal is in a good health condition, take care of the babies or the weaker animals… That’s why sometimes it is good for the farmers to get some help even though they are used to do all those things on their own.The farmer Nicole has a need of some help for her farm, a place that has so many domestic animals, so she has called her two friends – farmers, Larry and Helen. They are here to help her with her everyday responsibilities on the farm, so we could also help them and enjoy our stay on the farm.

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