The lost scientist

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Numerous conspiracy theories talk about scientists who have been set aside from certain discoveries in medicine, that could possibly be a solution for different conditions. The explanation for that is usually in the theory: if there is no illness, there won\'t be a need for so many drugs. That means that the pharmaceutical industry won\'t have so much work and won\'t turn in so much money... No one knows if that is true, and we probably won\'t have a definite answer for that for a long time... The two detectives Rose and Bobby are in a search of the lost scientist that once worked for the American government. The lost scientist worked on developing an ultra-efficient medicine for the soldiers on the battlefield. The medicine should have been ready these days but the wife of the scientists reported that he has been kidnapped. She said that there is not even a clue about him, every trace of him is lost. Rose and Bobby, together with their team, have a task in front of them, to find out the scientist, including the people who are responsible for his disappearance.

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