Great Return

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Battles for territories are not something new. It seems that they exist since the time when first living beings inhabited the planet earth. But those battles appear between wizards too. Yes, that is true. Just because we don\'t know so much about them, that doesn\'t mean that they don\'t exist and they don\'t have their own world that functions on similar principles as ours.Few years ago, the three wizards Barbara, Mark and Dorothy, were expelled from the place where they used to live. Namely, the evil wizard Thomas succeeded to beat them and take their territory. After few years in exile, Barbara, Mark and Dorothy decide that it is time to come back again in their magical home and win over the evil wizard Thomas.Only that way they will have a chance to bring back their territories and continue to live in their home. They believe that this is their great return and they will put an end of the possession of the evil wizard Thomas. Let\'s help the wizards come back home, where they really belong. We could also help them and learn something more about the world of the great wizards.

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