Hidden Serenity

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You probably don\'t know, but there is a wonderful small mountain village where people with superpowers live. Yes, those people have different powers that make them different but also superior to others. Their powers are incredible but they don\'t like to expose themselves to the world, so they keep their powers hidden, until the moments when there is a need to show them. Grace visits the village for the first time and she realizes that it is a real fantasy village. And it seems that not everyone can stay there. To stay in the village she has to complete certain tasks given by the head of the village. Those tasks are not that easy but Grace feels prepared enough to take the challenge and answer few riddles in order to stay to live in this hidden peace. Now, let\'s visit together the place of hidden serenity and find out what it hides. We are sure that we will be impressed by the things we will see there, but also we hope that we might learn something from the people who live there and get some of their power.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Adventure



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