Protecting the King

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A struggle for supremacy has existed since time immemorial. The struggles for territories have always been cruel and resulted in one country winning, one losing, but also with many human victims. In those situations, it is most important to protect the territory and the properties, but also it is very important to be protected from further damage... The kingdom has been attacked! It is important to protect the whole kingdom, but it is very important to protect the king, right? Lori, Ralph, and Marie are the three people that stand closest to the king. They are on a mission to protect him and take him to a safe place. Besides him, they should take to a safe place all his valuable objects, including his royal treasure. Since the situation is as it is, actually the kingdom is half-ruined, there is no other choice than to act immediately. Let\'s take a look at the whole situation and try to help the King and his three closest people to save the kingdom from a bigger disaster, or let\'s say, from complete surrender. Our mission may be hard, but be aware that we are doing a big thing here. Let\'s start right away.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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