Railway Accident

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Sean is one of the people that work at the railway station in the Wild West. He is very responsible and he gets his job rather seriously, always taking care of everything to be just fine. The people who ride on the trains feel safe and that is actually the best mean of transport in the Wild West. However, the Wild West is also known for the bandits who operate all the time, making trouble. This time someone wants to cause a railway accident on purpose. Sean has realized that on time and he takes action right away. The train is about to come to the railway station, so Sean doesn\'t have a lot of time to clean up the mess left on the railroad. There is much to do, so he starts immediately. You have already realized that Sean could surely need some help to bring back everything to normal. Let\'s help him clean the railroad and make sure that everything is just fine, so the train could pass the tracks. This way we will prevent a huge accident and save a lot of lives. We will start right away.

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