Wise Mans Land

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Some people say that wisdom comes with the years. As a person becomes older, he gets more knowledge and becomes smarter and capable of dealing with harder situations. The wizard Ibeus, together with his daughter Anelle, come to the land of the wisest man.Hungry for knowledge and wisdom, they have decided to learn from the best. We are not sure that wisdom can be learned just like that, in one day, but Ibeus and Ana are here, hoping for the best.However, the wisest man won\'t give his wisdom just like that. To get his wisdom, they need to do something first. The wise man has hidden some magical objects and first of all, they need to find those objects, so they could get what they look for.Let\'s help the wizard Ibeus and his daughter Anelle find the needed objects and see what will happen. Will they become smarter once they get the objects or there is a need for something else too? Let\'s search around the place and hope that maybe we will also learn something smart from this situation.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Mystery



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