Cursed Cove

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Before us is another adventure story in which the main heroines are two really brave girls, ready for anything. Meet Sharon and Laura, two sisters who are preparing for some serious revenge. Yes, we all know revenge isn\'t good, but what the pirates did to their father isn\'t good either. Pirates are known for robbing ships on the high seas, and that\'s exactly what happened to their father. The father was sailing his ship, transporting a noble\'s treasure, when he was attacked by pirates. They intercepted the ship, robbed it and eventually sank it. It\'s really terrible what happened to Sharon and Laura\'s father, but it becomes clear to us why these two young girls have such a desire for revenge.At the moment, the girls arrive at the cursed cove, the place where the pirates hide the seized treasure. Here is probably hidden the rest of the treasure that the pirates have stolen from all the other ships they have robbed.Let\'s visit the cursed pirate cove together and see what\'s there.

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