Hidden Trouble

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Nancy and Andrew are extremely skilled mountain climbers. They have conquered numerous mountain peaks, and their experience makes them secure. However, they are also aware that mountain climbing is not naive at all. Their big successes are due to their hard work. They invest a lot in their physical condition, but also they read a lot and explore the terrain where they will climb next. They don\'t let anything by chance because they know that it can be dangerous when you are alone in the mountain, surely if you don\'t know the terrain and you don\'t know what to do. This time, the two mountain climbers Nancy and Andrew will visit Gomond mountain. They are already at the starting point, and they aim to conquer the peak of the mountain. As we mentioned before, they are aware that they need to make a few more preparations before they start climbing. As they say, every mountain has its critical point, a point that is dangerous for the climbers, so they need to be prepared how to pass that point as well, and leave nothing by chance.

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