Crime Remains

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It was just a regular night for the rich married couple - the Smiths before they were met by a gang of masked thieves, while they were driving in their car. The thieves stole all valuable jewelry from the car and disappeared. The couple reported the case to the police, and now the police will do their best to find out the criminals. Detective Donna and the policeman William get to the place where the Smiths were robbed. They are here to explore the place, and they hope that there are still some traces and pieces of evidence of the place, that could help solve the case. Every detail is important in this job because if they don\'t see something, they can miss the identity of the thieves. Let\'s search the place of the crime scene together with detective Donna and policeman William and see if there is something left that can lead them to the ones that did the crime. As you may see, we will work as real professionals, and we will work with professionals, so it is very important to take this job seriously.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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