Winter Romance

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There is no such a thing like a perfect season for a perfect romance. Some people like the summer most since it is the time for the summer holidays which means that every place could seem romantic when we are completely relaxed and far from our everyday duties. Spring and autumn have their beauty in their moderation. The weather is perfect for long romantic walks in nature or so while the winter even though it is rather cold, the fact that everything is white and covered in snow makes it rather special and romantic, of course. So, everywhere is beautiful when two people decide to refresh their romance. Paula, together with her husband, has chosen to spend this weekend in one small mountain village. And even though villages could be boring for some people, those two find them very idyllic and romantic. They have arrived in their rented house late in the night. The next morning Paula woke up very early and decided to take a look at the surroundings. This is one beautiful place completely covered with snow. Paula likes to walk around the place and see what it is offering. That way she could plan the romantic weekend in details and find places that would be perfect for her winter romance.We could walk around the village and enjoy the winter idyll, together with Paula. We will meet interesting places, something we haven\'t seen before, and enjoy this incredible winter beauty.

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