Legend Of The Beast

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Is it fair to call a real man a beast? No, it isn\'t but sometimes people are rude to the people that are somehow different from them. That\'s why people called \"the beast\" the boy who was born with a rare genetic condition defined by an abnormal amount of hair growth on any part of the body. He was raised like a Nobel and married a beautiful woman, so it is assumed that this story was a plot for Disney\'s Beauty and the Beast. But still, it is not for sure if this story is true or not, or maybe there is a beast cursed by the evil witch... The dwarf Andrew, the elf Carol, and the wizard Samuel arrive in one abandoned village, located in the north part of the land where according to the legend lived the scary beast. According to his past, this beast was very much like the beast from the famous story. The three friends came here to this village with the intention to find out the truth about this legend.We will make a company to our characters and maybe we will witness the great truth about the beauty and the beast.

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