The Memory of Love

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There is no such a person that doesn\'t feel happy when he or she remembers the romantic days spent with the person chosen to be a lifetime partner. Those memories are good memories, full of joy and happiness but also with excitement. They come to us and make us feel secure and calm. Those memories wake up even more beautiful feeling when we realize that we have spent many happy years with some person, like on the 50 years anniversary?! Well that is something that most of us wish for!George and his wife Deborah will have a very important anniversary in a week. It\'s about the 50th anniversary from the day they got married. On that occasion, George has decided to prepare one romantic surprise for his wife.George comes to the house where he and his wife lived before, with aim to find out all the objects that mean something for his wife and remind her of the romantic moments they have during those 50 years together. Let\'s help George find those object so he and his wife could have a great anniversary.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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