Secrets and Truths

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Love is blind, that\'s what many people say. When people fall in love and think they have found the love of their life, they are prepared to do everything for that person. And that is completely ok, in case these emotions are real, sincere, and mutual. But sometimes, those \"pink glasses\" make us blind in front of the truth that can be seen by the people who surround us. The three friends, Betty, Daniel, and Margaret, are worried about their close friend Nancy. Nancy is crazy in love with the billionaire Anthony. And perhaps there is nothing wrong with being in love with a billionaire, just that Betty, Daniel, and Margaret, think that Anthony is not a good choice for their friend. They suspect that he is a criminal who is related to the mafia, and that\'s how he got those billions. The three friends want to prove to Nancy that she should end this relationship, so they go to Anthony\'s house secretly, intending to get enough evidence for their claims. Let\'s see how will this love story ends up.

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