Among Thieves

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Detectives and police officers are always at risk when they do their everyday job. But, they have chosen to do that and they don\'t have problems when they have to do something dangerous, even if it takes to infiltrate among criminals. When they do their undercover missions, they spend some time with real criminals and face even the most critical situations, but they do that with great professionalism. The two detectives Donna and Daniel are on an undercover mission this time. A few weeks already, they are infiltrated in a group of thieves that steals from the rich people through the whole city. They act like they are part of them, in order to find out their biggest secrets. This night Donna and Daniel have managed to separate from their group, and while the other thieves are doing their job-stealing, the two detectives come to the place where the thieves are hiding the stolen objects. Their intention is to find out enough pieces of evidence, so they could arrest the thieves. Let\'s help them.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Mystery



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