Lost in Paris

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Many people who have visited Paris are overwhelmed by everything that this city has to offer. In addition to the fact that the city is visited by countless people every day, this order is made to work perfectly, both for tourists and for the people who live there. The perfect driving range is also such a big plus because all that chaos can easily slow down your entire functioning. But still, accidents happen all the time and everywhere, even where the order is perfect. The young married couple, Dorothy and Ronald, decided to visit the city of Paris. After planning their trip for some time, they finally arrived in Paris and began to enjoy it. They know what they want to visit, they know all the places even though no one has been here before. However, while walking in this beautiful city, Dorothy and Ronald somehow get lost. Although everything is well-marked, they are stuck at one point, and now, they don\'t know where to go next. They need help finding the way to their hotel, so let\'s see what\'s happening on the streets of Paris and find the right way.

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