Temple Excavation

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You can be a person that enjoys all the benefits of the moment, but you can not deny that the past plays a huge role in our present living. We don\'t have to look back often, but knowing some details from our history and past can help us understand our lives and our collective identity. Certain patterns repeat all the time, and being aware of them helps us predict our future, or at least makes us more prepared for what is expecting us.This day brings a new discovery for the group of archeologists that has been exploring the jungle for some time. Namely, a new temple has been discovered deep in the jungle. The large team of archeologists has already set up the entire site with equipment, to focus even more on finding all the details of this monument. They will work on excavating the temple, and Stephen is the lead archeologist working on this project. In this situation, t is up to him to excavate the important artifacts.Let\'s support the group of archeologists in their search and find out something more about the temple.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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