Poem of Love

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When you love somebody you will do anything to make the person happy. We try do to little things, small rituals that will make us happier together. That doesn\'t mean spending a lot of money, no. That means that we want to think of the person we care about. Sometimes a small gesture makes us the happiest person on planet. No matter how long we are together with someone, we should never forget to love each other. That is the mistake number one that we allow to happen. When you start forgetting one another, than something has really turned wrong.No matter if you are not a classical romantic person, every couple should find it\'s own way of showing how much we care about each other. We introduce you with such a couple in today\'s game.Emily has gone to a romantic weekend together with her husband who is famous poet. He wants to prepare surprise to his beloved wife, and decides to write a romantic poetry full of love riddles. Emily accepts the game and starts solving the riddles. If she gets all completed, she will find out what actually her husband feels about her.

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