Hidden lake house

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One day Paul and his fiancée Betty, while they were sailing all through the lake with their sailboat, saw something that attracted their attention. They are always fascinated by the nature and its beauties but this time it wasn’t the nature that made them very curious. Namely, it was about a really small house, hidden between the dense woods. The house was so unique that Paul and Betty decided to stop their sailing and explore this unusual place.Considering the location and the complete look of the house, Paul and Betty started thinking that this house might belong to Donald Miller. Donald Miller is one of the world’s most famous contemporary writers and there are some traces in the house that might lead to him. However, they are not sure in that, so they would like to search just a little bit more, to make sure if this house really belongs to the writer.We could also sneak out into the writer’s house and maybe we will learn something more about him. Let’s start helping Paul and his fiancée.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Adventure



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