Farm Treasure

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Finding hidden treasure is something we all dream about. Ok, it\'s not that we spend our time searching around for something like that, but it is quite sure that this thought has passed through our heads, when we watched some movie, read a book or so. On the other hand, probably none of us could say that found a treasure so it seems that this story remains to a myth, at least for now.But this is not a myth for Sharon who arrives at her grandfather\'s farm at this moment. She knows that her grandfather has hidden few precious stones on the farm and now she needs to find them. But also Sharon knows that her grandfather was very fond of riddles and she is assured that he has prepared her something. And yes, Sharon has to find the riddles first, answer them correctly and then she will know where should she search for the precious stones.Susan\'s grandfather\'s farm is rather big so she will have a lot of work, a lot of places to check out in order to find the riddles and finally the precious stones, so let\'s don\'t waste time and start searching right away.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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